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We are smart brothers. Two brothers, working in harmony to achieve one goal: better indoor air quality (IAQ) for everyone. Our journalists and product specialists conduct thorough research every day and advise tens of thousands of readers through our independent platforms. Worldwide.

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At Vacuumtester.com we do independent research in the world of vacuum cleaners. We buy every vacuum cleaner with our own money, to ensure our independence. We advise tens of thousands of readers every day.

Family Values


Smart Brothers works completely independently. We buy all the devices we test with our own money. We do not accept free vacuum cleaners and air purifiers to ensure our independence. We can get a fee with links to the webshop, but this never influences our opinion.


All the research we conduct is done using our own research methodology and with our own measuring instruments. We also closely follow the latest news in the field of vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. The combination of these ensures reliable work.


We do all the research we carry out ourselves. We think it is important to put a face to a research, so that our readers know who conducted the research or wrote a publication. You can also contact one of the brothers directly: via social media, the contact form or via website comments.

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